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We see together, we sing together. by emperorxfishiex We see together, we sing together. :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 1 0 Quite Simple. by emperorxfishiex Quite Simple. :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 0 0
I imagine it to lead me to center stage; as each foot momentarily hovers between the barrier of ground and air, my hands precisely rise to the rhythm of my sway, the presence of an atmosphere inching me closer until I reach the spotlight and take a bow as the audience rapidly transfigures into a violent wave. I Imagine it to extend not as far as I hoped. It cuts short my hopes and I watch them plunge one by one into the roaring sea. The clamor behind me ferments until it takes on a mass of its own, the words of a thousand strangers paired with a nuisance called gravity, fastening to my back as I walk the plank. A painful pang scissors my stability as I approach the finish line unable to cross victorious. The wood splinters until there is only me falling beneath the weight of the world and into a synchronous humming. I imagine it to be half past 12. My eyes struggle to glimmer under the starry night as the train glides forward on its tracks to a pinpoint it will never reach. I scribble
:iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 1 0
Brighter They Shine by emperorxfishiex Brighter They Shine :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 0 2 Capable of Surprises by emperorxfishiex Capable of Surprises :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 0 4
Symptoms of Autumn
A swift breeze strolls across the streets of Fig Tree Lane. The leaves of an Oak Tree turn shades of red and orange and gently cascade to the ground for the children to jump and drop on. The entire street is engulfed in laughter and joy, shouts and glee, the echoing beat of youth immersing through the atmosphere of a chilly fall afternoon. The tenor of the leaves, as they crumble against a child's body, erupts with a crisp takeoff and reverberates through hollow thoughts. Leafless branches solemnly swing back and forth as the cool air pushes it. The youngsters play until dark. When the streets get cleared it seems too barren and eerie at night, when all the kids are tucked in tight. The light through a window dims until only the absence of what was once there can be seen. And all that can be felt is the screeching of the leafless tree branch, the crackling of the read and orange leaves, and the Oak Tree that folds into itself and withers into the darkness of the night.
:iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 0 0
ID2 by emperorxfishiex ID2 :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 2 4
She sits in the dark abyss, staring at her flawed hands, as the memories carve hollow entrances into her mind. She fights a battle that few have won and many have died upon. Each epilogue engraved within her pulsates and beats with the ferocity of a thousand broken hearts. Hearts that once belonged to someone in a stance of never-ending, internal punishment. Hearts that bled the tears that flooded down a deluged mind, shattered and thrown, fading away with each turn of the hand and solemn glance of the eye. Hearts that were scattered on the floor engulfed deep within fading memories and not-to-happy endings. Her skin clenched fists encompassed a red halo made from her own masterpiece. And now as the stories end, as the chapters fade into epilogues, as the pages turn into the back cover, as the sentence run on to catch the period, the faces remain and the story starts its sequel only this time the victim to be her. The faces dance in an ear-piercing symphony. The lights re-shine and the
:iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 1 4
I AM FADING by emperorxfishiex I AM FADING :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 0 0 Illuminate the moment by emperorxfishiex Illuminate the moment :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 0 3
If you were to stand beside me and gaze far into the distance, you’d see a simple star illuminate itself from the majestic galaxy hovering overhead. The star would protrude itself in an aura of colors dancing heartedly among the distant moon. The moon would shine its glitter into our atmospheric hole and light up another dimension into which you and I would dance for an eternity but it would feel like just a diminutive minute. We would fall on our backs and gaze as the galaxy demonstrates an encore recital while we roll down the hills and fall into the dew covered grass. The night sky would swirl around us and we would observe in incredulity, oblivious to our surroundings, and stare. The stars would fade one by one into their ultimate closing act and you and I would smile. We would look far into the expanse as the radiant galaxy folds itself and draws to a complete end as the sun rises overhead and completes the performance. And there we lay, fallen from intoxicated joy as we brea
:iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 0 2
Watch Them by emperorxfishiex Watch Them :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 1 0
The Bleeding Heart
Read Comment/Description before reading story
       The inevitable light shone through the tiny crack that lay against the opaque window lining the walls of the small cavernous room. Alarice moved swiftly through the small space, darting from sides, searching drawers and yet conducting her movements in an almost graceful manner as she danced around the rock relief room slipping in between rows among rows of piled boxes and behind concrete block separators.
After searching the entire premises for an entire hour, she slid down onto the hard rock floor and brought her fingers to her temples, massaging them slowly to relieve her headache that overwhelmed her greatly. She rose again and just as she moved towards the roman-like pillars on the far corner of the room, there were faint footsteps proceeding to the open tunnel entrance. The echoing of the steps made her shiver and she retreated, just as gracefully as she had danced among the mysterious t
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Mature content
Between the Soul :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 2 4
Remember It
Do you truly remember it, or do you think that you do
The lies that you spoke engulfed in sins that you knew
Suppressed by your thoughts and false delusions you harbored
In a locked mind filled with secrets in a stranger that wandered
And when you threw away the key, a blank slate was created
An unbreakable armor around the one who had made it
And when you walked, your paranoia began to slip
For each word that you spoke was merely a whim
Like a shadow you truly were to the world all around you
Like a ghost you swayed and no one looked for or found you
And when you surfaced above all your agony
A single light split and illuminated your enemy
It shone upon your mist and you saw that it was no longer there
The heart you kept caged had melted and shriveled
In the memory of someone who had long ago withered
To the liar above all liars, do you truly remember it,
Or do you think that you do
The lies that you suppressed, the world already knew.
:iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 0 8
Color My World by emperorxfishiex Color My World :iconemperorxfishiex:emperorxfishiex 0 7

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I don't wish to enchant you with my writing, nor do I wish to make a statement so appealing with my pictures. I don't strive to alter your perception or change the blueprint of your road not taken. No.. I don't aspire to conjure in your memory every so often.... I just hope that in the most unforeseen moment, the prick of a spark will fly and tickle your conscious, and you'll remember me, when I made you smile, and reappear.


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